Selling a horse is a big decision and there are a number of important factors to take into consideration. Our friends at Right Horse, the UK’s fastest growing portal for buying and selling horses, have compiled this step-by-step guide to help you along. Read on to discover how to find the perfect new home for your special friend.

childandponyblogFind a suitable site to advertise your horse:

The very first thing that needs to be done is to place an ad that will be viewed by the maximum amount of suitable buyers. Choose a renowned site and look out for deals on advertising costs. On Righthorse.com, for example, you can pay a set fee of £10 until your horse is sold, or £5 a month. Whatever site you choose, check that there are plenty of new ads and ensure that yours will be seen by thousands of people over the course of the month. Choosing a site with members-only activity also ensures that all participants are serious and committed to buying or selling.

Describe your horse accurately – don’t overstate or understate:

Regardless of where you decide to advertise, it’s very important that your advertising is suitable. You should make all the information that a potential buyer will want to know available. Include all of the essentials such as the age of the horse, the breed and the sex, but also be sure to include characteristics and temperament. Buyers are interested in your horse’s personality so add in the positive traits first. Don’t omit any challenging aspects but be sure to write a carefully worded description.
The ad should either include full medical records or state that they are available upon request.

Browse similar ads:

Take your time to look at as many adverts as you can, especially ones similar to yours. Find out about other horses currently on sale and how much is being asked for them. This will enable you to settle on an appropriate and competitive price for your horse. Taking into account your animal’s strengths and weaknesses, decide on a realistic number.
Additionally, take into account how the best adverts are structured and what they include.

State your price:

After you’ve carried out your research, you have to decide on the price you’re going to be asking. Again, it’s usually in your best interest not to overreach but not to ask a much lower price just for the sake of attracting more buyers.

Images and videos:

Include as many good, clear, high resolution pictures of your horse and/or videos. People respond to images of any kind better than words, so make sure you find good material and upload it on your advert. Righthorse.com can accommodate a great many pictures and videos at no extra cost to the standard advertising price.

Make it easy for buyers to visit your horse for a viewing:

Although you are advertising on the internet it is important that you are available to answer questions about your horse and arrange visits for interested buyers. Be prompt when answering online queries and offer your phone number to seriously interested parties.

Make sure the new owner knows enough about the horse:

After you have found the buyer and have agreed on the price, you need to ensure a smooth transition for your horse. Let the buyer know about things to look out for, such as behaviour that might require attention (but try not to spring anything on them later that would give the impression you originally withheld that information deliberately). Finally, provide information such as the animal’s feeding patterns and ask the new owner whether there are things they would like to know that you haven’t yet covered.

Good luck with finding your horse the perfect new home!

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