ESTIMA. An ex-race horse re-training video diary. Part 2: Dancing with the Flies!

Part 1 can be found here:

Little ex-race horse is making slow but steady progress. She now moves away from touch when asked on both sides of her body (although as you will see on the video below, going from right to left is still more difficult for her than from left to right).


She also now calmly remains on circle on both reins without turning in or falling out, the latter being a problem on the right rein not only because of balance issues but due to her need to be with other horses and dragging Magda there as much as she could. She stopped doing so which is a good sign of her accepting her work without stress.

Together with the heat come flies and some are rather creative in their variety. For this reason the work is at times challenging both for the horses and for handlers!

I am including a video of Estima learning to yield to pressure on both sides and move around the handler.

It is not a perfect way to do this exercise but both Estima and Magda are learning and so this is very much a work in progress. The mare is moving too fast (not helped by flies!) and because of that some value of the exercise is lost. It will still be beneficial as far as reaction to the inside leg is concerned (she is learning that the touch on her side/ribcage/hind leg means to yield and move the ribcage to the outside) but you can see how through rushing the rhythm is inconsistent and she is losing balance through her shoulders (varied weight load on one then the other shoulder; forehand heavy).

In Estima’s case this is a good progress though as she had big issues with yielding to the touch in the first place. This is just one of the elements of her training routine but one that really helped her with balance on a circle. More videos coming soon 🙂

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