The most emotional picture viewing ever…The Ultimate Before and [Not Always] After…

Having worked with horses for over 20 years and been around animals all my life I have seen a fair share of things that one might call “hard  to watch”. I dealt with a horse torn all over his body by dogs, seen magots eating away at a wound the size of a football on a living horse, seen blood pouring from a cut artery, horses with broken legs, beloved horse being put to sleep etc you know, really sad, often cruel things.

Even just recently, I saw pictures of a foal pulling a cart at speed at a 2013 Appleby fair. See the third photo down: Shocking to the bone in country that prides itself in being incredibly animal loving. Even more shockingly, barely anyone cared to share the message on social media when myself and a few others tried spreading attention. An e-petition campaigning for betterment of conditions at the fair doesn’t even have 100 signatures.


However, nothing quite prepared me for an emotional experience of  viewing the visual proof of absolutely amazing work being done by a few incredibly dedicated and selfless people in the pyramid area of Cairo, Egypt…

I can take all sorts of images without batting an eyelid and will often happily browse veterinary pages with some gruesome injuries to learn more about them but clicking through photo albums of this initiative I cried like I have never cried before at a sight of a photo.

It’s astounding and so deeply sad not only because of the state these horses are in but because of the situation that lead them and their people to such extremes. It’s hard to believe they continue living and fighting for health despite looking so dreadfully dead already.

Kareem photos

Working Horses of Cairo…

I cried at the possibility, that a human being has the capacity to black out cruelty when himself subjected to cruelty of life. The stories behind these walking dead are so moving, so telling that once seen it will stay with you forever…You might yourself cry not just for the horses but for the events that caused them so much suffering.

I have absolutely inundated all my Facebook friends, acquaintances and contacts by sharing this page with them all. If you are moved by these photos please visit the page and invite all your friends to spare a moment of their day. Perhaps someone can help by donations, others by sharing the page.

Dare yourself to look through the many albums on the below pages, it really is like looking at the bottom level of humanity…in some other universe in which your own child’s gut starts eating itself from hunger…

Here is the link: – get to know the story behind the name of the project…


Prince Fluffy Kareem



4 thoughts on “The most emotional picture viewing ever…The Ultimate Before and [Not Always] After…

  1. It’s right that such things aren’t hidden because then we can do something about them. Sorry Aspire, I couldn’t look at the pictures – I know they would break my heart. Our family supports various equine and animal charities. I’m only sorry I can’t give more.

    • I understand I almost didn’t look myself 😦 I’ve seen so many charity pages and sites before but nothing had such an impact on me as this. I don’t know whether it’s a stark contrast between a silly name and monstrosity of issue or simply the amazing openness and tireless communication the team there provides.
      I wish I could help more but as I can’t do so financially I thought spreading the word might the thing I can do. They also take fluffy nosebands, soft headcollars etc so it gives people who can help a scope other than a bank transfer.

      If you have a moment and can please share this with anyone who cares.Thank you!

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