What’s your biggest riding fear…?

You might think that my support for today’s International Helmet Awareness Day comes from being an instructor, you know a proper Ms-have-you-checked-your-hat’s -kite- mark type every time you have a lead rope in your hands. It’s not.


I used to like riding without a hat and guess I could say I still like it, I just don’t do it any more. Self-perseverance doesn’t necessarily guide me nor am I scared to ride without head gear as such.

The driving force behind my passionate support for wearing a helmet when riding at all times is

my love for being independent and self-sufficient. My greatest riding fear is to be somewhat unable to look after myself, paralysed, spoon fed, confined to a wheelchair, sporting pampers adorned underwear. You get the picture.

I think our bodies bounce reasonably well most of the time, our heads not so much.

Reblog or share if you too support riding smart 🙂 What are your views? Do you support Riders4Helmets?

The rider whose accident started it all…

5 thoughts on “What’s your biggest riding fear…?”

  1. Great blog and so sad what happened to this lady!

    I was brought up to always wear a hat and always have but one particular incident stands out for me that backs up this belief.

    We all expect problems when riding young or difficult horses or when in more dangerous situation (xc schooling for example) but we tend to take the easy days for granted. Out hacking one day on a nice safe horse in a nice safe environment, nothing happened at all, the horse just slipped on a bit of Tarmac and lost both legs underneath him. I can off the back and absolutely smacked my head off the road. Fortunately we were both fine, I was wearing my hat and aside from seeing stars, a bit of a headache for a few days and a new helmet there was no serious damage. That hat however was destroyed – that could have been the back of my head!

    1. Thank you Ceri and yes, it’s so sad, I followed her recovery diary when it all happened three years ago, it was so sad, it’s great to see her recovered enough to ride though!

      So true with random accidents too, best to keep a nice helmet on at all times.

  2. I have a neurological disorder and it makes life damned hard. Protect your amazing brain and keep your head safe!
    I had a bad fall a couple of years ago, when I was bucked off. My riding hat took the strain as I broke my fall with my head. I needed a new hat, but that’s better than a new head.

    1. It’s when we experience losing something that we otherwise take for granted is when we really appreciate the abilities we have.
      I find your riding quest very inspirational!

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