Dressage Riders – Which Convention Would YOU go for?

“Forum contributors have declared that every rider should be able to watch a trainer and decide whether or not that trainer’s methods suit them and their horse. A valid point, but, we must not forget that the majority of BD members are made up of grass roots riders, with prelim and novice being the most well supported BD classes. Therefore, is it not the responsibility of British Dressage to present their membership with trainers who embrace the scales of training, the welfare of the horse and importantly compliment the examples set by our current Olympic champions?”

From: http://dressagegold.co.uk/clash_of_the_conventions/

Dressage enthusiasts in the UK have an interesting dilemma this coming October. I wrote recently about a new dressage National Convention that is going to be presented by Carl Hester, Richard Davison and Charlotte Dujardin with guests speakers: Sylvia Loch and Miguel R. Duarte.

This convention is not organised by British Dressage who instead is running its own National Convention with…Adelinde Cornelissen. I admire her journey from a school teacher to international dressage rider in the same way I admire and feel inspired by anybody with passion, drive and courage to go for their dreams. I am also all for learning from various sources. However, I don’t agree with sacrificing legacy and welfare over results. Sadly, Adelinde is one of the riders who use rollkur training method.

I found the below article interesting hence sharing on here and similarly to one BD Dressage judge who wishes to remain anonymous I am also wondering why British Dressage didn’t opt for a broad spectrum event…

If you read the article it would be great to know your views so please feel free to leave a comment 🙂 Having acquired huge admiration for Portuguese classical training, personally, I would love to attend the Carl Hester convention and I am really happy to see Dressage going in direction of horse friendly and rider’s seat focused training.


2 thoughts on “Dressage Riders – Which Convention Would YOU go for?”

  1. Hi Aspire. I find British Dressage’s approach absolutely unbelievable. We’ve got British gold medallists … What are they thinking?

    I would love to see Carl H, Charlotte D et al. Sylvia Loch too? Could it get any better?
    Best wishes

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