How To: Make Your Own Fly Spray

Ellis Equestrian


This is an easy, and much cheaper, alternative to buying branded fly sprays from tack shops. I’ve found that it works on my ponies and against the feared, loathed and infamous Scotch Midge.

You will need:


A spray bottle – you can get these at garden centres, pound shops and supermarkets. Even handier to use an old mane and tail bottle.


Citronella and Tea Tree essential oils – Also really easy to get a hold of in pharmacies, health shops and some supermarkets. I got mine from Holland and Barrett  and it cost me £6 for both if you keep an eye out for offers. Worth paying the money for because you will get at least 15 bottles of fly spray from one little oil bottle at around 10/15 ml. Tea tree is also really handy for applying to bites so worth having one around.


Some tea bags and a…

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