Photo Post From day of Filming :)

One of our brave riders and her lovely 4 year old Liberado S taking part in filming for Aspire Video Library.


Filming for Grassroots Library: the basics – stability and balance. Rider’s first go ever on a PIlates ball πŸ™‚


Filming various strategies aimed at upper body stability and overall balance





Our brave case study – fist video of a series which follows several weeks of work on rider’s seat in sitting trot. Very unflattering freeze frame showing the problem we are working on and which will be shown on video over time. Rider has great lateral stability but weak front to back body control, tight hips and “a jumper leg” (foot pushing down into stirrup).
Liberado S notices the Pilates ball rolling on the ground πŸ™‚
still video
Freeze frame from an overview on what we are working on

5 thoughts on “Photo Post From day of Filming :)”

    1. I’m sure the rider and Liberado will be very happy to hear this! I will pass on πŸ™‚ It’s not particularly pleasant for the rider as these freeze frames are pretty cruel and she is a quiet, competent rider as a whole but it’s all for the good cause!
      Hopefully you will get some benefits from the finished case study πŸ™‚

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