“On July 9, 2009, my beloved dressage horse Amiritta (AKA Suki) was critically burned when her barn caught fire…”

Suki 2

Online PDF: Suki’s Story of Survival

I was reading up on wounds and burns in horses the other day when google adventure took me on an emotional journey with a dressage mare Suki and her owner, Fran…

I started reading the most recent posts when I got to the part in which Fran mentioned how she misses riding Suki and that she wasn’t sure if it was yet the time for her skin grafts to allow for surcingle. I didn’t think much of it until I got to the next part and read that the accident actually happened FOUR YEARS ago…That’s when I realised I wasn’t reading just another story of a horrid accident with a happy ending. This was a pretty miraculous outcome of an incredibly serious injury.

I went back to read from the beginning and spent over an hour with the blog. Fran writes about the initial treatment and then the recovery process. She also writes about a heart warming turn of events when Suki meets another burn victim, an 11 year old boy, and how this had opened her eyes on Suki’s potential to help others.



suki fb




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