What Are The Best Breeches For You?

Dressage Different

breeches memePurchasing breeches can be an excruciating experience. You’ll put a pair on and swear that they switched the mirror in the dressing room with one from a fun house. It is amazing the variety of ways a set of skin tight pants can make you look terrible. There is diaper butt, there is the can’t-get-it-over-my-thighs experience, there is the they-go-right-up-to-my-breasts adventure. I am sure you have your own combination of fond memories to look back on. So this article is for you, in hopes that you can eliminate some options in favor of saving your ego from particularly brutal knocks.

Step One: Budget

Of course money makes a huge difference in what you can buy. In dressage particularly, where we often ride in full seat breeches, your budget could be blown on one pair of breeches. So you have to decide number one – do you need to ride in…

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