This is Why I do It…- Hugely Rewarding Feedback from California

Update on website link (please ignore links on photos, we have a new URL ๐Ÿ™‚ ) – check it here: E-Academy: Aspire Equestrian Virtual Coaching Club

Last night I received a wonderful feedback from a rider who won 2 weeks of my virtual coaching via a competition organised by Hay Net. ย The rider very kindly agreed for me to share it publicly. I don’t normally do less than a month long programmes because with my attention to detail it would be too much to cram into shorter time but I amended it all slightly and Corinna stood up to the challenge ๐Ÿ™‚

I did my feedback as always when I do it for my monthly clients and enjoyed working with Corinna and Bentley very much. I did not, however, expect the amazing email she sent at the end. I put a lot of effort into educating myself, my eye for detail, for deeper hidden causes of easily visible symptoms. To be able to help riders as a result of that is hugely rewarding.

Over to Corinna…

Corinna1 feedback
Corinna and Bentley on one of the photos she sent over prior to me putting together her training plan.

Hi Wiola,

Well it looks like I have come to the end of our 2 week virtual training with you! I cannot even express what a fantastic and wonderful experience it has been for us!

My trainer here in California is focused purely on show performance, so it was very valuable to me to be able to ask you detailed questions about Bentley’s health, hooves, movement, personality, etc. without being concerned that it would annoy you. I have been so impressed with your knowledge of horse and human biomechanics, and I have been sharing your insights with everyone.

I think that working with you at this time has been particularly valuable with a new horse. I have gotten to know him well enough to be able to share our training issues, but I am also at the beginning stages of creating a long and short-term plan for his well-being and his performance. Your insights helped me craft those plans.

I have saved all of your insights and exercises in a file and I will continue to go back to them and review them; I also plan on continuing to videotape.

I was very happy with his performance at the show this past weekend! We did not do well enough to get a ribbon (he was actually too mellow in the show ring – I wouldn’t have expected that!), but he was so obedient and thoughtful and willing to please. I know with a solid foundation we will improve by leaps and bounds.

While I loved all of your instruction, some of the things that stand out the most were:

1. Help getting his hooves on track (particularly your diagram drawn on his hoof photo)
2. Working in hand/ watching the youtube videos/ your still clips of when I was doing it right or wrong
3. Addressing issues of Bentley’s right side, including still clips with diagrams of his hind leg movement, seeing the tightness in my right hip flexor and pointing out I collapse on my right side, and discussing his lack of straightness in backing up

I still need to accomplish some of the tasks you gave me, such as longeing exercises and seeing my chiro for my body alignment/ hip flexors. And I am also excited to continue working on straightness, in hand work, and transition work (that helped him so much!).

I would love to check in with you in 3-6 months to give you a progress report and hopefully sign up for another evaluation period with you at that time. (And I do have a Pilates ball at home, so I would love to see the exercises you have in mind!)

I am so fortunate to have won the Hay-Net contest, and I look forward to reading your helpful blog posts and going through your resource library. I will continue to refer as many people as possible your way.

Thank you for your attentiveness and expertise these past two week- you have helped Bentley and I set out on a path for great success together!


Feedback 2

Thank you Corinna, I hope to hear about your adventures with Bentley in the near future and to “see” you again online in the autumn/winter.

6 thoughts on “This is Why I do It…- Hugely Rewarding Feedback from California”

    1. I loved the fact Corinna took her time to explain in more detail what was most valuable for her – great for further improvements of the programme ๐Ÿ™‚

      It really makes all the hard work worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

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