So you would love to train with video feedback but have no-one to film you? Introducing: TRAINING FRIENDS

Training Friends Option
AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE. Aspire Equestrian’s new virtual coaching option for riders who would love to progress but would like to share costs and experience with someone doing it all too. All components of usual E-Academy training apply here:

From talking to the riders training with me on Aspire virtual programme I realised they can struggle with support from fellow riders or simply have nobody with similar goals to ask for help with filming for a few minutes or to do the off-horse exercises with, have a laugh, cry, share the whole experience, enjoy the ups and downs…

I am offering this training option to encourage riders to get together and jump into the great camaraderie that training with a friend can give you. Although riding is rarely a team sport and in fact many riders love schooling on their own, really get into the feeling of their horse and not be distracted, there is a lot to be gained from a little before and after training chat.

Video task I give to the riders as part of the programme are short and take little time to do. Riders can film each other on alternate days, watch each other’s videos and compare notes. I might give one rider an advice that the other one also finds useful and sharing them reinforces learning.

The biggest benefit of all, however, is that you can motivate each other to do the best you can, do the off-horse exercises together if you coordinate times at the yard sometimes (now, that is a lot of fun I promise 🙂 and keep a watchful eye on issues that you both work on: give each other a friendly reminder about that dropping shoulder or a hand that wants to climb up.

It doesn’t matter if you ride at different levels or one of you have a woolly cob and the other sleek jumper – you can still learn from each other as well as from your individual training plans.

Please feel free to print the poster out and put it up at your yard, email it to your friends and get the training enthusiasm growing 🙂

I am always happy to answer any questions or just chat about the programme without any obligations – email me any time at aspire @

Hope to meet some bloggers on the Virtual Coaching side 🙂


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