Do you know Helmet Cameras? Have you ever wanted to capture your best rides on camera? Check out this Special Deal for Aspire Equestrian clients!

This post is NOT an advertorial. I have no commission or any other financial gains from this deal which is offered to riders who are training or have been involved with Aspire Equestrian’s clinics, virtual coaching, events, shadow training events etc. 

Dear Riders

As some of you will know my long term mission is to help amateur riders get the most out of their training and lessons. I am therefore always on the lookout for ways to bring you something of value, something that will help you with your progress, motivation and enjoyment. Something that matches Aspire values of quality education, passion for amateur equestrian sport and living life to the full.

I think this deal should tick all the boxes!

HeadCamz – – is offering from 10% OFF on their head cameras to all Aspire Equestrian riders who would like to capture their life on the go 🙂

HedCamz “are crazy about helmet cameras, head cameras, action cameras, sports cameras, bullet cams….call them what you like….we love them!
HEDCAMz sources some of the best high quality HD (high definition) wearable camcorders available on the market today and are proud to be associated with the leading brands. “


– all riders on Aspire Virtual Coaching Programmes, especially those who sign up for Training Friends programme

– friends riding together and wanting to capture each other

– riders exploring fabulous countryside that they would like to film safely

– mother + daughter having lessons together (can video each other safely)

– competition riders (film your XC, jumping courses to evaluate at home)

– owners working with young horses on the ground (lunging, long reining, in-hand)

– riders doing a lot of road work (Horse riders use head cams to film drivers’ abuse in Conwy)

– check this Aspire blog (Click here) and one coming over the weekend for more ideas 🙂


– email Wiola at aspire @ for your promo code and further instructions

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