Our Responsibility to Dressage Trainers

Great article worth reading by all amateur riders, not just of the dressage variety 🙂

Dressage Different

dressage instructorDressage trainers, and indeed trainers and instructors of all disciplines, must balance the convergence of commerce and ethics. On one hand, most people who become dressage trainers do so because of their love of horses. A person doesn’t wake up one morning, stare into the rosy fingers of dawn and think, “By golly, I want to be rich! I think I’ll become a dressage trainer!” There is a huge amount of passion that is poured into this sport, dreams and ideals and aspirations that have nothing to do with a month to month paycheck. Dressage trainers, for the most part, have ridden a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows along their careers that most adult amateurs can not even imagine. But that aside, the practicalities of a mortgage, insurance and a car payment cannot be ignored and so we must put a price on our services, hang our shingle…

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