Equestrian TV and Equine Infectious Diseases Video for Vet Junkies

Perhaps some of you have heard about this new online equestrian TV already but I have only just found out about them properly today. I thought I would share their website (click on image below) as it has a great grassroots focus with many regional channels which I reckon should be a fabulous development platform for the sport. Free and “watchable” online from anywhere 🙂

The Scottish area (http://scottishequestrian.tv/) has been in operation for several months now and I am told that the other areas are now in production.


Equestrian TV – click on image to go to the website

While browsing the videos that has already been published on the Scottish Equestrian TV I came across this video with a “lecture” by Professor Derek Knottenbelt.

The video information says that “Derek’s expertise in equine internal medicine is recognised both nationally and internationally, particularly in equine oncology and dermatology. He is a Diplomate of the European College of Equine Internal Medicine and holds a personal Chair in Equine Medicine at the University of Liverpool. He has published widely in journals and textbooks and is frequently invited to speak at national and international meetings. He received the Animal Health Trust Scientific Award in 2003, the BEVA (Blue Cross) Welfare Award in 2004 and the OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours of 2005 for his services to Equine Medicine. He is actively involved in many domestic and international charities relating to equine welfare and works tirelessly to support these causes. “

The video is full of interesting facts but also quite a heavy pro-vaccination marathon…I wonder what are your views? I find the obvious contempt with which the Professor mentions homoeopathy unsurprising yet disappointing.  There is something in me that always goes against strong claims that aren’t proven either way.

Nevertheless, being a vet junkie as I am, I did enjoy the “lecture” 😉 Here it is (grab a tea or coffee and maybe even some biscuits as it’s over one hour long!).


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