So..British Eventing puts their fees up…Interesting write up by one disappointed blogger here. I do agree that the costs of competing are seemingly spiralling out of control and do wonder where the affiliated shows are going…

The Rubber Curry Comb


So, this week I read in Horse and Hound, the Bible of all equestriads, that BE is increasing prize money next year… but also increasing entry fees and membership. So, naturally, I thought I had better give my views.

Eventing is the one thing I really enjoy doing with my horse and now, at seven years, he`s ready. However, the big off-putter to me at the beginning of the year was the cost of eventing. I mean, after all, it`s much cheaper to stick to dressage. You only need one saddle for starters! But I was hooked two years ago when I rode a friends horse at my first event. This year I had made some new associates, who were keen eventers. From a privileged background, but very pleasant and helpful non the less. I didn`t have my own transport (the joy of passing my driving test after 1997) so…

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