Non-Horsey Sunday Post: The Berry Mojito Crepes by Sorted Food

From time to time I will bring you all a little non-horsey post with something that caught my attention and made me want to blog about it 🙂 For anyone who knows me won’t be surprised seeing the choice of meal in the title 😉 I love everything pancakes & crepes (I could actually live on them if it was required for any reason!)

So today, it’s a fun VIDEO (scroll down for video) recipe for some delicious Crepes! I found these guys searching for vegetarian recipes and I am definitely going to have a go with their suggestions. I do eat meat but very, very occasionally (not sure what that makes me in a foody language?) and most of the time my meals are what you might describe as veggie meals. Therefore, I am always on the look out for some inspiration!



I am not mega fussy about what I eat as long as it’s fresh and healthy (well, except of the pancakes day sssss…I suppose) and has as little chemicals, packaging and suffering creatures in the making process. I thought Sorted Food guys are doing pretty cool job so I subscribed with intention of giving kitchen a go 🙂

Enjoy! 🙂

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