Come for a day of November Aspire Training!

As the  Aspire Intensive Training Day on Saturday 23rd got booked up pretty much on the spot by my regular riders, I decided to offer Sunday 24th as well in case there were more all-weather aspiring riders looking for full-on, fun training that weekend 🙂

As always, both non horse owners and owners, novice and advanced riders are very welcome. You can bring your own horse for one or two sessions whilst also having access to a different hired horse in order to practice and develop your feel.

poster November 2013 23 and 24
Please click on the image to enlarge it. You are welcome to print it out and pass on to your friends or pin at your livery yard if you think someone might like to join in!

Training will take place at Cullinghood Equestrian Centre where we will have access to equine simulator and which we will use in the opening session (after tea/coffee and a chat of course 🙂 to work on rider’s technique, position and balance.


I will include links at the bottom of this post from previous sessions in case you are not sure what to expect from this work.

You can also search this blog for “rider training” for more information on our approach and teaching methods.

All levels are welcome, including beginner riders or advanced riders looking into improving specific issue with their training. I focus on long term effects and as such don’t teach quick fixes to problems. The aim of Aspire training is to find a path of progression individual to each rider.

The off horse session is focused on balance and body awareness and it’s a fun, creative and interactive lesson that encourages you to use your strengths in order to combat your weaknesses.

Anne in hand

Elements of all your lessons will be filmed – we use video feedback extensively to help  riders correct their riding as well as understand what happens in the horse’s body and how it affects their way of going.

This November weekend will be limited places weekend with maximum of 4 riders on the day (max 2 in ridden training). It is possible to book both days (with a discount) and it is also possible to stay overnight, feel free to contact me any time for more details.

There is 1 space left on Saturday 23rd and 4 on Sunday 24th. 

As always, all questions about Aspire training are welcome and I am happy to chat with you to make sure it’s something you are looking for.



Equine simulator – role in improving rider’s seat

Aspire Training Day – photos from one of our training days

Aspire Rider Development – selection of articles

Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy – 2014 programme 


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