Video Day Saturday: Dr. Deb Bennett about physical and deep straightening (lessons from Woody)

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The below videos show recorded lectures, workshops and ridden training during USEF 2013 George H. Morris Horsemastership Training Session. All videos included in the Training Session are interesting to watch and many curious riders and instructors should find in them something for themselves. I am posting these videos on here because I strongly believe in learning from multiple systems and approaches so we can develop own healthy and constructive views.

The ones I chose to underline below are lectures by Dr. Deb Bennett from Equine Studies Institute. I think they discuss matters which are still and often under the radar of many horse owners, instructors and riders.

1) Lessons from Woody Part I: Physical Straightening

(you can read more about Woody here: Lessons From Woody Pdf) 

2) Lessons from Woody Part II: Deep Straightening 

3) True Collection: Coiling of the Loins and Raising the Base of The Neck

USEF Network Bennett
To watch the videos, click on the image, then use up/down navigation on the right side of the video to find the relevant footage.

Dr. Deb Bennett’s style of delivery might not be for everyone and I personally find her inclusion of religious comments unnecessary and off putting but hey, who doesn’t have their quirks 😉

All that shouldn’t distract too much from wealth of knowledge in the lectures and many very interesting bits and pieces of information.

If you watch the videos it would be great to know what you thought…

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