Sometimes You Just Don’t Win

A few interesting questions asked in this little entry – perhaps a food for thought over the winter.
I think in teaching and in competing you are subjected to lessons by default. I know I personally learn a lot both about myself and my methods of teaching. They are not always pleasant lessons and require some getting used to, some adjustments and humility but they are all valuable in the long run…


Most of the time we think about winning from a competitive rider point of view. We never really think about it from a judge’s point of view. Judges can lose too, however.

I spend a good bit of time judging open horse shows. Even though they’re only open horse shows, it’s a responsibility that I take very serious as open shows are usually where horsemen and horses are just starting their careers. They’re building a foundation learning lessons that may one day take them to a much greater arena than the local schooling show. There are lessons to be learned at open shows that just can’t be learned anywhere else.

Learning that having fun and staying safe is the primary reason for showing in the first place is one lesson that can be learned at an open show. The lack of pressure and a friendly environment is the perfect place…

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