What is the Correct Stirrup Length For You?

Dressage Different

stirrup3Sit on the sideline of any warm up ring and you will have a true appreciation for the variety of stirrup lengths in which people choose to ride. In runs the gamut from those who look like they lost their way from the jumper ring to others who are busting a vein and points their toes down in a valiant effort to reach the irons that are miles beneath them. So which is the “right” length for a dressage rider?

More correctly, we should be asking, what is the appropriate length for you? You see, unfortunately it is not as easy as picking the angle in which your trainer rides and hitting the road. Why, well follow me down the rabbit hole, gentle readers…

Horse Considerations: The first element that must be considered is your horse, of course. If you are riding a newly started, younger, recently rehabilitated or…

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