Guest Blogger Lo about getting ready to dress up and being judged by Gustav Svalling!


This is my first real post here so I am really exited and I hope you will like it! At this time of the year it is almost impossible to ride outdoor, because it is so cold that the ground freezes and then it gets very slippery. It is also difficult on weekdays as when I get out of school at three o’clock  it’s already dark.

So right now I train indoors almost every day but when I have the chance I try to ride outdoors because Boy thinks it is much more fun. As I wrote in my presentation I am a dressage rider who jumps once a week because Boy really enjoys it.

Lo and Boy outdoors

This and last week I have been training dressage together with a friend. It is because on Saturday there will be a special club event at my stable. We are riding a program together that we both have competed in this fall. It is going to be really funny because everyone has to dress up. Then your costume gets judged! Your riding will also get judged as in a normal dressage competition, in this case it is going to be done by Gustaf Svalling, the highest qualified dressage judge in Sweden. Everyone at my stable is going to take part, from riders who have never competed before till Grand Prix riders. So it is really a mix of riders at different levels which is fun!

This week all dressage training is preparation for Saturday. I jumped yesterday and it was very fun. We trained on having different number of strides between two jumps, without using the rains. It was a really good but difficult exercise because the horses got really exited and you had to trust that they listen to your every move.

We didn’t jump high, about 75 cm but that is enough for me.

Bye, see you soon!

// Lo

Ps. If you want to read more about us you can check out our ordinary blog. We update there every day!


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