Interesting notes from one spectator at Olympia International Horse Show this weekend…

The Rubber Curry Comb

London International Horse Show, full of top class horses, riders, spectators and stalls. When Olympia is on it usually means Christmas has begun.

For the second year I went to the Saturday afternoon performance with friends. We even managed to get front row seats. Last year I was too busy worrying about being on camera and so awed by the closeness of the competitors and the fact they were jumping a massive oxer right in front of me I didn’t have much opportunity to scrutinise the riders and horses.

The afternoon performance begins with the mini stakes. Those kids have some guts. Not to mention the ponies! It was nice it see the winner, Megan Turner, using a simple snaffle. I felt too many had too much metalwork in their mouths. Interestingly, Jack Whittaker, jumped with a standing martingale, which is usually frowned upon as it restricts the horses range…

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