Rugless, Social and Happy: Pictures from Poland (especially for #horsehour)

For the first time in 10 years I am spending Christmas time with my family in Poland and wanted to share with you a few pictures which I took for #horsehour (a great Twitter initiative that if you like Twitter community and have something equestrian to share or promote then you might want to check it out and join in every Monday from 8pm to 9pm).

Couple of weeks ago we had a conversation about different horse management habits and rugging in particular. I promised to snap some rugless photos so here they are. Not many “grassroots” horses (the Pony and Riding Club types) get rugged up in Poland and at most livery yard they get plenty of all-year round turn out. They are certainly allowed to be horses more than being treated like house pets. Field safety is not always a priority however as you can see by the state of fencing below.

They all stay out from morning until it gets dark. There is usually a stable chap who brings them all in if owners didn’t do so earlier to ride.
They all stay out from morning until it gets dark


Operation the de-mudding accomplished. Pony being gotten ready for training.
The mud comes off quite easily perhaps because the temperatures are lower and it doesn’t get very sticky and soup like, here’s a grey horse after about 20 minutes of grooming. He’s got plenty of TB in him so really all types of horses stay out.

How does your field look like at this festive time? Sadly no snow in Poland! If you posted any photos on your blogs, link to it in the comments, I would love to have a look 🙂

9 thoughts on “Rugless, Social and Happy: Pictures from Poland (especially for #horsehour)”

  1. No snow on the Wirral Peninsula UK, but lots of mud in the field up to the top of are welly’s, but it brushes out of the cobs feathers and legs easily due to the liberal amonts of pig oil used and cod liver oil in there feed, hope you have a great festive season

    1. Thank you and happy holidays to you too!

      I miss snow at this time of year, it adds a bit of special atmosphere and covers all the overwhelming greyness but hey ho 🙂

      Good trick with the oil!
      I remember losing my boots many a time in the glorious mud…

  2. In my Canadian West Coast field we have snow which is a highly unusual phenomenon. If we are lucky the white stuff falls once or twice a year. The horses love it. When I turn my mare and gelding out they tear off bucking and snorting ! Last year at this time it was a mud fest.. Yuck for me but the ponies didn’t seem to mind at all. It is when the water freezes the party stops! I am sure you know what I mean! Merry Christmas! :0)

    1. I am somewhat surprised you’re not totally snowed in! My image of winter in Canada has snow on the snow with snowy on top, for months 🙂 Time to brush up on my climate knowledge!
      I do love watching horses in the snow although also with my heart up my throat (lost a horse on a yard I worked for when he slipped and broke a leg playing in the snow :-/ Ice is definitely the worst and when the temperatures drop to -25C it starts to get interesting 😉

      Merry Christmas! :))

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