The Second Life of Show Rosettes / Ribbons…

Pretty great idea for re-using your show rosettes (or ribbons as they are also known) instead of hanging them all over the walls or hiding them in the drawers 🙂


Click on the image above to go to the Etsy shop by TheRepurposedRider who makes these 🙂

9 thoughts on “The Second Life of Show Rosettes / Ribbons…”

  1. Where does everyone keep their Rosettes? In my bedroom at my parents I have them on the bamboo blind on the door windows. I was so chuffed when I reached the bottom! Now I have string along the top of my room with the Rosettes along that 🙂

    1. 🙂 I’ve only ever kept a few that felt very special to me (and they are kept in a wooden box at my parents’ house). The rest I gave away to kids on the yard I was at when I competed more seriously as they were mad about them.

      When I get back to competing again I will definitely be making them into cushions, love this idea!

      1. I think I have every single one, including my first ever one-a fourth -that my brother shredded the ribbon when I let him wear it on the way home. Each one has memories, whether it be “oh I remember this bareback race. I fell off when we stopped after the finish line” or “that judge hated us even tho we were well behaved and didn’t put a foot wrong we were 5th. The winner bucked in their show…” Not that I resent unfair judging! 😛

      2. I also don’t like the trend of leaving the Rosettes in your lorry or trailer, it’s almost like saying “I have hundreds more at home”. I always think “I’ve worked bloody hard for this piece of ribbon! “

  2. I cut the middle out of each of mine and my mother is having a quilt made! I thought that was a really neat way to display them without having them hanging somewhere collecting dust.

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