Introducing new Guest Blogger: Ins and Outs of Wellness

New Year, new additions to Aspire blog! For quite some time I wanted to convince my Mum to start writing online and she finally went for it last month. She has so much knowledge and passion for wellness that she could probably write several blogs on that subject alone. Her advice has worked pretty well for my youthful self and her clients so far 😉

As riders we strive to know as much about horse care and nutrition as possible but often neglect our own health. I will translate my Mum’s posts onto Aspire blog from time to time to bring a little wellness into our riding lives! Here’s just a few words from her:


By profession I am a teacher. Out of interest in fashion I was a producer. Currently I continue that interest but in the area of ​​direct contact with clients, I own a salon with all sorts of swimwear. 


However, my real passion and curiosity focuses on natural medicine, Eastern traditions and modern knowledge about the treatment and nutrition. I graduated from the International Academy of Reflexology in Warsaw with the title Chartered Reflexotherapist. The studies helped me explore the secrets of knowledge that exist in the world for several thousand of years and that are based on the vast experience and extensive research.

Although a big believer in natural healing I also pursue materials written by recognised authorities of conventional medicine. I don’t discount the advancement of science, I guess you might say I like to mix the academic with the ancient and I hope to share little ins and outs of wellness with you all 🙂

P.S. If you read Polish please feel warmly invited to my own blog at:

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