Quick peek into the future

March 2014 dates for intensive training days
It might still be bang in the middle of the winter here but what’s better to look forward to than a bit of spring training 🙂 I am organising March and April dates this month. Our March availability is listed above with some dates already reserved which I will mention in a moment. April dates will be coming soon.


The 8th and 9th March are now reserved to happen at Cullinghood EC, Berkshire but there are still a few places available. 

The 15th and 16th March are now reserved for Aspire group clinic in Yorkshire. If there are places available for outside riders I will update with contact details for the organiser. I am very much looking forward to venturing so far up North 🙂

The last two weekends/days are still up for grabs.  

If training is attended at our base in Berkshire then as always, both non horse owners and owners, novice and advanced riders are very welcome. You can bring your own horse for one or two sessions whilst also having access to a different hired horse in order to practice and develop your feel.

Training will take place at Cullinghood Equestrian Centre where we will have access to equine simulator and which we will use in the opening session (after tea/coffee and a chat of course to work on rider’s technique, position and balance.
All levels are welcome, including beginner riders or advanced riders looking into improving specific issue with their training. I focus on long term effects and as such don’t teach quick fixes to problems. *This is not to say some problems don’t disappear fast!
The aim of Aspire training is to find a path of progression individual to each rider.

The off horse session is focused on balance and body awareness and it’s a fun, creative and interactive lesson that encourages you to use your strengths in order to combat your weaknesses.

Elements of all your lessons will be filmed – we use video feedback extensively to help riders correct their riding as well as understand what happens in the horse’s body and how it affects their way of going.

Cost of full day: £200 per rider per day and includes: all coaching, facilities hire, simulator and horses’ hire (arena hire if coming with own horse for one of the sessions), video footage and follow up training advice. Tea, coffee, biscuits and a lot of horse time. In Summary: 3 hours of riding + Off-Horse training. Approx. times: 9.30am-4.30pm. Maximum 4 riders per day. Contact Wiola at aspire @ outlook.com for details.

Cost of Aspire Clinics: we have own tried and tested format allowing for off-horse workshop and video feedback; 2h per rider. Each session slot £60. Further details: aspire @ outlook.com


This year I will also be organising another Aspire Shadow Training Day with the International Dressage trainer I’ve been lucky to learn from – Anna Ross Davies. In fact, I hope we will manage to fit in a few!

I started Shadow Training Days because I personally learnt a lot in a similar manner thanks to Anna inviting me to learn from her and wanted somehow to make this possible to my riders too. The format suits mostly riders who do want to ride competitively but I have had riders attending who simply love training or are bringing on young horses and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience too. You basically get to audit day of lessons, training sessions, get a commentary on each horse being ridden, the whys and what for’s, ask any questions about your own or your horse’s training, have a yard tour with updates on all the horses currently in training and overall spend a really educational, inspiring day with top horses. 

Here is a short video from one such days I organised in 2012 at Anna’s base in Wiltshire. Do check her website at: http://altogetherequestrian.com/ If you would like to join in on one of those days this year do let me know.

Another on my list is next session with Centaur Biomechanics because the previous one was very much liked by all riders and very educational. Russell uses a great quality high speed video footage to pinpoint various riding issues and so the visual feedback is like no other. 

There also might be a secret sunny training trip on the horizon…stay tuned 🙂


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