Guest Blogger Filippa about end of holidays and Bella’s paddock dynamics


Hi! I have had a wonderful vacation. I never wanted it to be over. School starts on Wednesday again so no more sleepy mornings. Everything, especially my daily schedule, will go back to normal again.

Now it is 2014. Another year with Bella. I am looking forward to it and hope that 2014 is going to be great year! (but it is going to be hard to beat 2013).

This week a new pony moved into Bella’s stables. The new pony is going to spend his days in the same outdoor paddock/pasture as Bella. The paddock that Bella uses during daytime is quite big. It is a forest-paddock shared by 3 ponies: Bella and her two friends who are both geldings. Bella is the only mare, which is unusual. The new pony was released in the paddock and it did not want to fight or cause any trouble. Some ponies try to compete for the first place with the leading horse to decide who should be the top-dog in the herd. The one who is deciding is the leader, the horse who is highest in rank. The new one seems to be very friendly.

In Bella’s paddock, one of the geldings is the leader. It was her who used to be the leader before that gelding came but now it is him who is in charge. The new pony did not seem to argue with current status and because of that all the others where nice to him. He found his place quickly in the herd. Lowest rank.
The geldings are often very interested in the mares. They seek their attention. In Bella’s paddock, everyone wants to be with her. She is the only mare and she loves the situation!
The new pony started to stand close to her wanting her to notice him. She is a very nice girl, very happy, kind and very self-assured. The more nervous horses often calm down in her presence. However, when the new pony came a little too close to her, the leading gelding chased him away as if saying that Bella was his girlfriend. He is the highest in rank and he should get the most attention.
Bella is always standing very close to him and when she leaves the paddock he always becomes very unhappy. After a while the new pony came sneaking back again. This time he stayed at a distance from Bella. A wise choice. They quickly all found their place and rank and seems to be very satisfied with the situation.
Hope you liked today’s little catch up. For more, written by me and Lo, visit
See you next week!

2 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Filippa about end of holidays and Bella’s paddock dynamics

    • Hi Janice,

      I suggest you approach the websites that run a blog writing about something that you feel you can contribute to.
      Did you mean you would like to guest blog for Aspire blog? You can find my contact details in “About Newsbook” section. Let me know what would you like to write about and how could this benefit the readers of this blog and we can take it from there.

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