Introducing new guest blogger Susanna Halonen – Positive Psychology Practitioner

susanna halonen2 Susanna is a Finnish rider based in Southeast England. She has been a passionate rider since the age of 9 and her global lifestyle has allowed her to train and compete in Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Portugal and England. Even though she currently focuses her riding predominantly in dressage, she has competed up to 120 cm show jumping internationally and up to advanced medium level dressage – all with her own superstar horse Ollie (aka Orlando Metodo). He’s now enjoying retirement from competitions at age 20 (she’s had him since he was 5) and her energy is now focused on bringing on her rising 5 year old Mickey (aka Eurythmic) whom she’s owned for 2 years.


She is passionate about riding with a positive mindset. As a positive psychology practitioner, she offers coaching which helps you get the most out of your riding through a more positive mindset. Not only does this help you enjoy your time with the horses, it also helps you perform better. Her work also extends to working with individuals and organisations both inside and outside the equestrian world to help fuel enjoyment and performance through a more positive mindset.

You can follow her blog at SH Dressage and find out more about positive psychology coaching for riders here.

She is also on twitter @SHdressage and on Facebook at SH.Dressage

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