One Month To The Big Go – We are in The Equestrian Index ‘s News Today

AspireNews Equestrian Index 6th Feb
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To say I am excited to shake up the grassroots lessons’ delivery prevalent at many riding schools is an understatement (not all riding schools mind you, I will mention there are some great ones!). I strongly believe that if the very basics are taught exceptionally well there will be more sound horses around, many more people who now drop out would stay in the horse world and more riders would venture into horse ownership and sport involvement with safer, more robust skill set allowing for long term enjoyment of grassroots (and beyond!) sport, fitness and quality outdoor time.

Oh, and if you don’t know The Equestrian Index, do check them out – great directory of all things equestrian πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “One Month To The Big Go – We are in The Equestrian Index ‘s News Today”

  1. Hiya,
    I’ve recently discovered Aspire through doing research around Hippikos (have been a working student in Portugal and on the look out for other potential placements), and I’d just like to say that I really admire and appreciate the work that you’re currently doing. Though there are many brilliant instructors in this country, the way that the majority of riders are taught is still incredibly lacking in basic education (balance, independent seat & the ability to ‘feel’, for example) and principles of riding and horsemanship, which ultimately can be a real hindrance to progress further along the line. I know that I myself am still struggling with these issues now and only just feel that I’m truly beginning to overcome problems posed by simply having missed out on the essentials early on.
    So, in short, thank you, and keep up the good work. I really think it’s incredible.

    1. Hello Ellie,
      I am really glad you found Aspire and thank you hugely for your encouragement and feedback! Over the years I have met many riders who struggle not so much with ability to learn or “feel” but with hundreds of bad habits and lousy teaching they received in the past. I couldn’t agree more with you on very good instruction available at certain levels but the very grassroots is still incredibly under attended.
      I will continue trying to make a difference for sure and hope many others will join me.

      P.S. If I can help in any way with your decision on placement at Hippikos feel free to drop me an email at

    1. Hi Becky, it definitely is!
      The age limit is temporary and is as such for two main reasons:
      1) In my opinion and experience children below 11 need more fun/play approach than my current programme is able to give with resources I have. I don’t have suitable ponies schooled to my standard to teach to the standard of the programme.
      2) I need a second instructor working with me who loves to teach children, is creative, wants to educate well and has high standards as well. Once I have that person on the team I will open places for youth academy too πŸ™‚

      1. That’s great to hear too πŸ™‚ I’ll be interested to follow how you go about schooling ponies to the desired standard – that’s an intriguing challenge which I’ve not considered before, but now that you mention it, it’s a very important one.

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