Thoughtful Thursday: when one little action becomes a life inspiration…

There are so many interesting, discussion provoking thoughts that come to us in a moment of clarity just to escape us like dreams forgotten in the mornings so I decided to try a little series of Thoughtful Thursdays this year and see how we go 🙂

Today’s thought came to me after a conversation with a rider who told me she took her first lesson in her 30′ just because it was something her friend got her to try. Some time later, we met and she attended five of my Intensive Training Days. Three years on and she rides twice a week. She doesn’t have her own horse and perhaps never will do but she now considers riding, improving her skills, feel and understanding of horses as a great inspiration and de-stress time that fuels other areas of her life.


My thought today is: how many fleeting desires and ideas enter our heads which we never act upon? How many “I wish I just went for this at least for a month” that we never pursue? How many of “I would like to be able to do that” never goes beyond that “want”…And how many of those never acted upon wishes could become powerful forces driving happiness into our lives?

What’s on your mind now? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday: when one little action becomes a life inspiration…

  1. Very inspirational post! Merely having a desire isn’t enough, is it? That’s what I always say. One has to really want something enough and work towards achieving it. Sometimes sacrifices even have to be made. In the end, it comes down to a strong will and believing in oneself. Every day I have to remind myself of this, so that I will do what I really want to do–I’ve set training goals for myself and hope I will achieve them!

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