CashJumping™ Ireland is launched: Equihunter

Interesting new initiative in the UK and Ireland for show-jumpers of all levels…


[Equihunter] The phenomenal growth in popularity of the new show jumping league Cashjumping™ continues as it is announced this morning that the first competition will be held in Northern Ireland this coming Saturday 1st March.

The Meadows Equestrian Centre – Northern Ireland’s centre of excellence for equestrianism

In an announcement this morning (25th Feb) Bryan Shear was delighted to announce that CashJumping™ has crossed the Irish Sea and is now available in Northern Ireland and soon to be available in Southern Ireland as well.

With the formation of CashJumping™ Ireland the franchise continues from strength to strength.


The Meadows Equestrian Centre has signed an exclusive deal that franchises the Cashjumping league within the region under the new banner CashJumping™ Ireland. The MEC will be taking full control of Cashjumping in Ireland and will be running their own results tables and prize grid. The winnings registered will stay within the territory…

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