What Do You Think Of This? Please share your Feedback and Views…

I would love your feedback on this first microsite version for our 2014 services…Is it easy to follow? Is everything opening and showing ok on your screens? Do you like it? Is all info you would look for included? Please help me make it good and serve riders well…

Link to the microsite: http://aspir1.wix.com/aspireequestrian2014 or just click the image below:


You might be thinking why I wanted another site since we already have a main website and this blog for Aspire…well, I realised that providing something different to what is widely available within the industry comes with a challenge of explaining clearly what is it that is actually being sold. Having been committed to an on-going improvement of the coaching services from the word go isn’t helping the above either because it means the offer undergoes yearly changes and upgrades.

It therefore seemed like a natural step to start a series of yearly microsites that will be fully and only dedicated to the Aspire coaching offer for each year. This way I will be able to direct all riders to [hopefully] a very transparent and conveniently gathered current information instead of them going through detailed descriptions of the programmes on the main website.

The microsite is now live and working (but ready to be updated after any feedback and comments!) so if you would like to sign up to Aspire’s special offers and news on a big educational project coming up this year, head over to the site and pop your email address in the sign up box 🙂

Feel free to share your views in the comments below, I would love to know what you think.

Thank you,



5 thoughts on “What Do You Think Of This? Please share your Feedback and Views…

  1. I like it 🙂 it could be a good way of documenting photos of events year on year too, an easy way of finding them (providing you have the functionality and the upload space).

    As ever, excited to follow your progress.

  2. I think it’s very professional, yet welcoming (friendly). Love the video and all the pictures. Very sweet one with the close up of girl and horse. A few questions and comments:
    1. Toward bottom of the first page I think intensity is spelled wrong.

    2. I understand that you travel for the weekend clinic adventures, but at one point I was a bit confused if I could participate in the leisure package, etc., in Italy, Poland, etc. The maps for your two London-ish locations are helpful. I wonder if you want to put in a quick descriptor of the Italy, Poland, riding opportunities to differentiate them more from the 3 levels of training packages.

    3. If I stumbled upon your site and was considering doing lessons (without my own horse), I would be interested to know what kinds of horses I would get to ride.

    4. A few more spelling things. On your clinics page there’s a space missing between dressage and or (I think). Also, I spell installment without the other e but maybe that’s an American English thing? And the endorphines–I’m not sure of that usage. Maybe just endorphin.

    I think it’s fantastic and if you decided to quit your horse job you could be a web designer! (But that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun as riding and training with horses!)

    P.S. Wish you were training out here in Southern CA! I’d sign right up. And would be super excited for robo-horse!

    • Hello Susan and thank you for your notes 🙂
      I have corrected the spelling, I think some are the UK English case though.
      The courses header does say Reading, Berkshire and London/Buckinghamshire for locations but perhaps I should change font so it’s easier to read? :-/ I added a sentence just above the maps of the venues to clarify the courses are venues based and run at those certain 2 venues.
      I also added a little location clarifying statements here and there.

      Good point re horses, I will have a think whether to do a separate tab for gallery of them or to direct visitors to the gallery that will be added on anyway as the year progresses.

      Thank you for your kind words on my design skills 😉 I am not sure if I would enjoy those long hours in front of the screen on regular basis but I like the creative part of the process.

      P.S. If there are enough riders interested in your area and they want to cover my travel costs plus coaching fees I am on that plane to you in a heartbeat! 😉

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