A Story Behind The Story: Emma Barnes guest blogging about self-publishing her heart warming book and turning fiction into reality…


While Emma’s ex-race horse is out on loan with a girl who had nothing to ride, she has a playful young cob to keep her entertained!

Up until recently (into my 30’s) I have never been able to afford my own horse even though, like for many thousands of girls they have been the passion of my life since the age of three.

My longing as a child was made a million times worse as I grew up on a farm, in the middle of an enormous country estate surrounded by girls who owned multiple ponies and had money to burn on all of the latest gear, trailers, shows and everything else that as a child from a poorer family I lusted after. I could only read about such luxuries within the pages of magazines and the occasional trip to the doctor’s which usually had a selection of various country literature and occasionally I would find an article about horses or ponies and just stare pretending to be the girls in the pictures living life like so many in my community.

Nearly 4 years ago my beautiful little boy was born and I started reliving stories from my youth and the passions that engulfed me at the time, and I started writing it all down.

I had been a trainee journalist with Calendar News based in Sheffield straight out of university after doing a joint honours degree in Classical English Literature and Broadcast Journalism. However a critical illness in my early 20’s lead me to taking a desk job within Estate Agency and a subsequent degree now puts me in the roll of Financial advisor.

The result of my stories to my little boy mixed in with a little magic and a lot of horses became my books ‘New Beginnings’ and ‘Past Echoes’. They are very personal, but also hopefully heart warming stories of a pre teen girl desperate to fit in and feel like she belongs, but most of all it is about her love of horses…. my love of horses.

A very close family friend is an author called Gervaise Phinn and after I sent several chapters to him for his advise he has been encouraging me to get it into publication.

Last year I finally bit the bullet and self published my book on Amazon.co.uk and due to quite nice sales figures and the fact that copies have also been sold in both America and India I was invited by Amazon to turn my book into a self published paperback which I have done and it is now for sale as a paperback with free postage and packaging.

2 years ago my lifelong dream finally became a reality and I was able to purchase my very own horse, an ex racer who I absolutely adore and along with my little boy, has made my life complete.

I could not afford any graphics for the front of my book so when I was approached by Amazon to turn my book into a paperback I just took an image from my mantle piece of myself earlier on in the year at a local cross country competition and this has now been used as the main image for ‘New Beginnings’.

I do not make much money at all from this project and everything that I do earn will go straight back into writing, promotion, and trying to find the correct literary agent to work with. But because horses has been such a huge part of my life for many years I really wanted to share my stories, the first me finally getting a horse of my own, and the fiction behind my childhood fantasies.


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