Spot of training on a weekday anyone?

Do you need a little incentive to get in the saddle in a lesson environment and want to be challenged during the working week? Apparently, physical effort is good for ones brain cells so have a look at our weekday, daytime offer 🙂

may offer weekdays 2


With weekends fast becoming booked up, I am hoping to entice some of you to come and train on a weekday! The Venue is: Cullinghood Equestrian Centre near Reading, Berkshire and here is a full information on the training programmes available if you haven’t seen it already:

The courses are designed to address and train solid, horse friendly and biomechanically sound basics and are best suited to riders at all grassroots levels whose main goal is to improve their current skills whilst enjoying sympathetic training methods.

Please share with your friends and family and give Wiola a ring on a number mentioned on the poster with any questions you might have!


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