Show Jumping: Comparison of technique of riders over jumps 3 & 4 (vertical, roll back to vertical)

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The horse shows certainly come with plenty of entertainment values but they are also a fabulous way to educate one’s eye, analyse different ways of riding and training horses, appreciate certain techniques and discard others.

Below is a short footage of all the riders who took part in Speed Stakes class at Royal Windsor on Friday. I videoed small part of the course (from fence number 3 to number 4) which I thought was an interesting one: it tested pretty much every skill a show-jumper must have as well as showed technique of each rider rather well.

I personally appreciated the skillful, no pulling approaches showed by several riders, dynamic and fast yet not hectic or rushed..
I hope you enjoy the footage 🙂

Video: showing riders’ technique and approach choices over jumps 3 & 4 at CSI3* Land Rover Speed Stakes — Table A, Art 238.2.1. Royal Windsor Horse Show, 16th May 2014. Class winner: Abdullah Al-Sharbatly on Andrea. Saudi Arabia.

2 thoughts on “Show Jumping: Comparison of technique of riders over jumps 3 & 4 (vertical, roll back to vertical)”

  1. Great post, thanks for sharing! I live near Hickstead, and spent many summers at the shows there watching in awe – one of my favourite things to do was watch the riders warm up. As an adult, I think I’d go and play “count the grackle/gag” – it never fails to disenchant me that so many “top” riders rely heavily on strong bits and strapping their horses’ mouths shut. I’d love to see these show jumpers do some flatwork, aiming for greater relaxation in both themselves and the horses, and I wonder even more what they’d look like if you took their reins away (not necessarily for classes like this, just as a training experiment)!

    When I was younger, I think it was probably seen as the only way to do things (I don’t remember seeing riders use a softer approach, like the second rider in this video for example – most would saw on the reins and shag the saddle like many in your video) within showjumping. It’d also be interesting if there were marks given for submission to aids, rider’s performance and other elements as scored within dressage tests. My vague understanding is that “schooling shows” are popular in the US, particularly for kids, and there riders are given marks for “equitation” as well as their jumping scores. I’m not sure how I feel about that as a competition concept, but as a learning experience it could be interesting for some.

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