Introducing: our new little training base!

Those of you who are signed up to Aspire’s newsletter (you can sign up HERE) will have known by now that last month a great opportunity came about to base some of the Aspire coaching activities at a small yard near Reading. The yard is still in the process of being developed to its full advantages by the new manager but it will be ready very soon.

I had been looking for such opportunity for years so I am delighted to finally be able to invite the riders for “home” clinics and coaching rather than always travel away. There will be many exciting training options available and I will be releasing the news via this blog and Aspire social media channels as well as adding development pictures and first hand information via the newsletter.



It’s always been my mission for Aspire coaching to deliver best possible rider-centred coaching with understanding of training for wellbeing of the horse and create a learning space where sport meets horsemanship…This is a next step towards making those goals better and better 🙂 Stay tuned!



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