A little personal drama of technology kind – but all is good now!

newsletetr 1 st Spt


I normally prepare all the newsletter content off line and save the txt in what roughly resembles the final pieces, then just upload pictures and sort out the layout of the document that then flies to all of you who subscribed to my little exclusive news, tips and articles. Sounds pretty easy and straightforward and indeed it has been so far. Yesterday, however, while attaching a link to one of the pictures (so when you click on it, it actually takes you to the right web page) I clicked confirm and…everything disappeared from the screen…:-/ And so I waved goodbye to an early night and spent my sleep hours uploading all pieces of the newsletter back to the document again, putting it all in the right places, attaching links etc etc I am sure for many internet kids out there it’s a laughable matter of work but, hell, it is not for me! Anyway, all done and sent and I hope some of you will find the content useful. Do let me know your thoughts if you have a minute 🙂 

One note to add: Wix service, which I use to send those newsletters (dislike that word actually – any idea for a better name for this kind of send outs? 🙂 is not always recognised as primary email by Hotmail/Outlook and Gmail (perhaps some more too). This means that you might need to check your Promotions or Spam folders if you don’t receive Aspire newsletters to your main inbox. 

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