Part 1: What to buy for horse person this Christmas – Weekly Gift Guide with Aspire Equestrian

Having ridiculous issues with internet connectivity hence this post is coming so late at night and the newsletter will reach you all tomorrow when I shall go for a hunt of a place with fast connection to upload the content.

I hope you enjoy the first instalment of the Guide! Currently precariously supporting my laptop on the edge of a sofa where the connection seems most reliable!


Introduction Gift Guide

1 atlas art

2 Atlas Art


1 Silverburn Browbands

2 Silverburn Browbands


1 Rolltack

2 Rolltack

until next week

Would you like to see your product or service in the next week’s guide? Read HERE and email me any time!

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3 thoughts on “Part 1: What to buy for horse person this Christmas – Weekly Gift Guide with Aspire Equestrian”

  1. The horse recommendation made me laugh. At my friend’s yard one of the livery owners was given a miniature pony for Christmas by her non-horsy husband, who thought it would be cute. She was rather perplexed (or possibly downright annoyed) as she already owned a large riding horse and had no use for something that only came up to her knees. In addition, it was hard to contain the little thing as she could get through all sorts of gaps and slide under the fencing (I met her – she really was tiny). Husband realised his mistake and wife got a nice pair of Dubarrys the next year 🙂 Xx

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