Beauty Revived – Do You Know Someone Who REALLY Deserves an Equine Photoshoot?

Pretty neat action that deserves sharing 🙂

Sophie Callahan Photography

beauty revived uk equine photographer

I was browsing through a photography group that I’m a member of, on Facebook, the other day, when I came across Beauty Revived. I was so inspired by the idea and the stories I read. I spent hours trawling through the BR website, Facebook group, etc. taking in everything I could about the project. And I just knew, instantly, that I wanted to be a part of it.

Let me tell you a little about it. I’ve taken the following information straight from the BR website, because I felt it was the best way to describe it…

“Beauty through the lens of photographers who care.  Beauty Revived is a place for photographers to give back.  It is a site that encourages photographers to use their lens for good.  All that is required is to giveaway one free session.

Mission Statement: To uplift, inspire and empower photographers of faith and integrity…

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