Pippa Funnell answers my question…

It’s not a secret I am slightly obsessed with quality at grassroots equestrian sports so when an opportunity arose to ask a well known and well respected rider to answer my question in that area, I couldn’t not go for it. You see, that’s why I love Twitter – it’s short, concise, to the point and allows you to connect with people you might not normally be able to.

Here is my question and Pippa’s answer:

The above Q&A was organised by #EquineHour (@EquineHour) over two Sundays and facilitated by Pippa’s publisher, Orion Children’s Book.

As you might guess, I loved the answer…! What would be yours? What do you think we can all do as riders, trainers, instructors to raise standards at those levels of equestrian sports that fuel the whole sport…?

One thought on “Pippa Funnell answers my question…

  1. Nice! I echo your Twitter admiration. The thing that gets crazy is during the Twitter chats it’s hard to keep track of all the various conversations (especially if I’m on my cell phone). I’ve been thrilled to have Lucinda Green follow me on Twitter and the racehorse California Chrome reply to my Tweet. I felt so important! Fun times!

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