My little mention in today’s Horse and Hound – if you struggle with no arena this winter, check it out :)

Horse and HoundHaving no arena is seen as a huge disadvantage for many riders who want to carry on training and riding through the autumn and winter months (or even through very wet spring/summer!). And indeed it can be if the surface is very slippery, the wind blows you out of the saddle and rain drives into you and your horse changing him/her into a Thelwell pony turning his bum against the gusts of wetness.

However, riding in open spaces has it’s advantages and sometimes having no arena can be the best thing that happen to your riding skills 🙂

Check today’s Horse and Hound magazine for full article with quotes from Lucinda Green, Steph Croxford , event riders and little me too! Page 14.

Taking this opportunity to say well done to my riders who has been braving field training sessions over the muddy months. It’s hard enough when you are a competent rider but these are Foundation level riders just learning the ropes so all more reason to feel good about learning very useful skills indeed!

Today’s Horse and Hound also have a great feature with Carl Hester and several great professionals in their respective fields (no pun intended here!) on “How to Get The Edge” which discusses the importance of diet, physiotherapy, psychology, fitness, biomechanics of THE RIDER in improving performance. Good read!

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