Devil’s in the detail…Free video series: 2015 George H. Morris Horsemastership Training Session

You might not agree with everything he says. His ego is not small. He likes things just as he likes them, end of. Whatever you say, there are 1001 lessons to be learned from George Morris training and you can watch it all free thanks to USEF Network.

Click here or image above to watch the videos

A must watch for all my clients who sometimes think I am a little strict 😉 You might re-define the word strict after watching that video material..

Great watching for long winter nights in when you’d rather be riding or if you need some motivation, inspiration and discipline in your training 🙂

“Mandible initiates all head and body movements”… – how teeth pain affect movement

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break! One of my New Year resolutions for Aspire blog is to post more interesting content on equine anatomy presented in a way that is immediately thought provoking and I think this little video ticks the box. It’s free if you register your email with Epona website and I really recommend the viewing 🙂

epona teeth and back pain
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Sparkly News: Kate Negus Saddlery’s Limited Edition SR Diamante now online!

You might have spotted the beautiful leatherwork by Kate Negus in our Gift Guide Part 3 – if you loved it, you might want to check out this limited edition sparkles designed with an International Dressage rider – Sam Rahmatalla.

I am not usually into sparkly tack but do quite like this browband! :-0

Kate Negus Saddlery’s Limited Edition SR Diamante now online! 

Kate Negus Saddlery’s Limited Edition SR Diamante range, designed with sponsored rider Sam Rahmatalla, is now available at, due to customer demand.

photo[2][6][1][2]The first range hit the shelves at HOYS in one colour, black. The browbands, made in one or two sizes per design, were incredibly well received, so much so that a new line of chestnut browbands was added at Your Horse Live. As the company isn’t attending any shows for a few months and due to customer requests on Facebook, the available lines have been added to the website, so people can buy from the comfort of their own home.

“For those who love bling and sparkle, our SR Diamante range is a must have,” says Julia Andrews from Kate Negus Saddlery. “At shows, the sparkle draws people over- people love the browbands. The range contains blues, silvers, golds, pinks and more…and there’s even one with pearls. We’re producing these in very limited numbers, making them extra special.”

The SR Diamante range is available online. Some styles are available in narrow width, some in wide. Prices start from £80.

To find out more, see, call 0780 115 0571 or email


Source:  Rhea Freeman PR 07980 757910 


Video – Getting to know each other :)

The main reason why Aspire Equestrian programmes for non-horse owners are based on horse share/loan is to capture the most important and unique element of equestrian sport – the relationship between the two athletes. Making time to groom, tack up, work in-hand, get to know each other make a big difference in how riders learn and communicate with the horse during ridden training.

Some horses love attention, some prefer less of it, some learn very quickly, some need more time. Here is one who loves his interactions 🙂

What’s your “preparation for training” routine? If you don’t have your own horse, do you get to spend some time with your lesson horse?

To learn more about Aspire programmes for non-horse owners visit:!riding-programmes-for-non-owners/czxg

Tiger Lily Redbrow takes me back to my teens aka quick review of Pippa Funnell’s book “Team Spirit”

Team Spirit This little book arrived this morning thanks to a little initiative between Pippa Funnell’s book’s publisher Orion and Twitter’s #equinehour which I took part in. The rosette that came with the book is from Burnham Market Horse Trials CIC** and is signed by Pippa – nice touch and made me nostalgic for competition times! One day, one day…;)

Right, onto the book – it took me a whole hour to read it within which I almost missed my train station (not ideal as a) I was already running late on the delayed train b) next stop was rather far away from my destination!). If you are a book lover who reads while travelling you will be able to relate to that panicky moment when the real world penetrates through the parallel reality you were in and you are frantically trying to remember if your mode of transport had stopped already and you missed it/is about to stop or where on earth are you 😉 Yes, that was me at Chapter 4 somewhere before Twyford.

Ok, now really onto the book – it’s a great little story of a girl called Tiger Lily (Tilly) and her eventing super star – Magic. Such an easy read with some very useful, cleverly incorporated training advice and big amount of eventing dream added in for a good measure 🙂

I think it would make a great stocking filler for any horse obsessed teenage girl and I must admit, even though my teens are rather far behind me, that I am looking forward to reading next part, Team Training! (bring on another nearly missed station!) This one will go to my teenage client now – Caitlin, if you are reading, the little book is coming to you on Saturday 🙂

Big thank you to Orion and #equinehour for such a lovely surprise! 

Part 5: What to Buy for Horse Person This Christmas – Gift Guide with Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy

Part 5 of the Gift Guide awaits you 🙂 Much shorter this time due to crazily busy last week but a longer Part 6 is on the horizon this weekend…Although short, Part 5 has three fabulous ideas and I want them ALL!!! Wiola

Happiness (2)
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2 (2)

1b 2 Equestrian Pzazz

“Coaching from the Grassroots Up” Convention at Moorwards Farm – few reflections

leaflet convention
Hoof is “the Equestrian Legacy brand of the British Equestrian Federation that aims to get more people horse riding and enjoying equestrian sport”

Yesterday I attended the above event and I would like to share with you a few reflections and thoughts because it was probably the first ever CPD kind of day I ever been to that didn’t leave me feeling like I am trying to achieve the impossible with Aspire’s coaching programmes.

I don’t know how it happened that over the years riding school riders stopped spending time with the horses and instead only meet them by the mounting block to get on? How did it happen that not many have the time or opportunity to groom their horse before the lesson any more? I know it has not always been that way as my lessons in the 80’s were all about grooming, tacking up and picking out feet and I do remember that full well since I was terrified of the process at the time 😉 Why is it that in times when everything needs to be now, quick, instant we don’t celebrate the opportunity to slow down and recharge with horses on a larger scale?

Every day I ask myself whether I am wasting my time on trying to forge Aspire courses as they are with emphasis on relationship between horse and rider whilst still enjoying the sport element of training, goal setting, improvement. Every time someone asks me why don’t I do one-ff lessons or why are they 90min and rider gets the horse ready I wonder whether it is a sustainable career – making change happen is scary and daunting. Thankfully, more and more riders who seek training based on trust and relationship with the horse find me and I feel the energy to keep going.

photo (6)
Ben Hart about changing behaviour: “our nature is to object”, “horses are much easier to train than people[…] as coaches we need to be behavioural detectives”; “always be in a Learner position”


Yesterday’s convention left me hungry for more events of its type, hungry for more training and for asking questions not many want to ask. The two parts I enjoyed the most were the talks/discussions with Ben Hart and Andrew MacFarlane.

Sue Edwards’ presentation left me wanting to hear more from her because what she shared on the day was too basic for me. I do have a feeling she has some great information to share and only touched on her experience and knowledge yesterday. It was almost frustrating!

photo (8)
Andrew from Lead Change about changing habits and teaching new skills. Language is such a big part of coaching of any sport, I think Lead Change’s workshops would be an amazing part of all Preliminary Teaching Test (PTT) training! Most PTT students teach beginner and novice riders and that’s where clarity, patience and knowledge of how to explain things that are seemingly obvious is paramount…



Margrit Coates session surprised me, I read and enjoyed her book  – Talking Horses – some years ago but the actual presentation didn’t resonate with me. Having said that, the combination of all presenters had a very interesting impact on many thoughts I had afterwards. Combination of scientific and spiritual approaches, not being afraid to mix them a little and stir the paradigms is good I reckon.

I think it was Andrew who said that no learning happens in your comfort zone…you always need to be pushed a little bit, always slightly uncomfortable. It’s something that we remember well as instructors when we teach but perhaps forget that we too need to be learning all the time…I think it’s a skill to know which direction to push and it’s an art to feel how much, and to get better at both we need to keep challenging not only our clients but ourselves in a way we think, plan training, plan horse’s education.

You know, these CPD days for coaches, they tend to be of 2 kinds…One I would liken to being shown how to lunge my horse in a pessoa or other gadget to make him work in a frame/engagement/over the back and the other type of events I would compare to being taught how to watch my horse move so I understand the complex and intricate pattern of motion and then being shown ways to change it for the better through those findings.

Yesterday’s event wasn’t the gadget or quick fix.It wasn’t about teaching a training trick. It was very much an intro to what I hope is a start of changes in grassroots coaching. If you are a coach, rider, instructor, trainer who wants to teach this sport with horse wellness in mind, do send Jodie at Moorwards an email…she is trying to spread the word and make these events into a series that can be taken all around the UK. Make yourself known, maybe you run an equestrian centre who would like to organise the convention? Get in touch: