Competing a grass-kept horse? Resources on 24/7 grass keeping for the resourceful ones :)

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If you are struggling with covering large livery fees and wondering how you might afford the coming competition season as well as training for it, how about going back to basics scenario…There are many riders out there who have successfully competed their grass kept horses so with a little bit of grit, some horse management knowledge and good planning, there is no reason you can’t do to.

Deep down horses are quite simple creatures. All they truly care for is food, water, companionship and a place to roam about at. Years ago there would be no silica sand surfaces and even Olympic level show jumping was held on grass. If you want something badly enough, you can make it happen 🙂

I put together a little list of useful links for anyone who thinks of keeping their horses out 24/7 and/or compete them out of yard with no purpose made training facilities:

“What is with this ‘attitude’ against field kept horses?”

Keeping Your Horse on Grass (IHWT)

Horse at Grass by BEVA

Managing Land for Horses

Keeping horses out 24/7 – discussion

Eventing a grass kept horse?

The Field Kept Horse

Keeping a Horse at Grass

Management Dilemma: In our Out? 

Rockely Farm: Grass, your horse and managing risks

A little look through history: Good housekeeping – finding the right balance in management of dressage horses

Book: Managing Horses on Small Properties

Book: The Horse at Grass

Book: The Outdoor Pony

Book: Keeping a Horse at Grass

7 thoughts on “Competing a grass-kept horse? Resources on 24/7 grass keeping for the resourceful ones :)”

      1. True 😉
        I later thought that competing a horse who lives out is much better psychologically as you don’t have to juggle the day as much. For example: what if you need to leave the yard at 11? Do you turn out for an hour first thing or does the horse forfeit their field time for the day? And what if you arrive home at 2pm? Do you turn out for an hour and go home only to put the whites in the washing machine and turn around to bring your horse in, or do you tuck them up in bed at 2pm? At least with them living out you can adjust breakfast and dinner time by a little bit so that you can be efficient and economical with your day 🙂

  1. All of our horses are outside year round, they have good quality warm rugs, I live in Canada and It gets down to -35 at times, We do bring them in (We have 4 stalls at the farm) but they throw temper tantrums and would rather be outside eating ad-lib hay.

  2. Happy to be at an “outdoor” barn, with day turnout, and boxstalls with outdoor runs at night. Many, many top riders across the world seem to do the same thing increasingly often now. Aside from extra mud scrubbing, and lengthy times spent walking back and forth catching and releasing, it’s a win-win for everyone no?…

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