#Barebruary by Mariana

Mariana is an instructor I link with whenever possible for development of Aspire programmes. She is also Aspire’s team blogger and certified Bowen Therapist. She sent these photos of her clients enjoying their bareback sessions and shared a few thoughts on riding bareback for rider’s education.

Barebruary by Mariana
To learn more about Mariana and how you could have lessons and/or Bowen session(s) with her please see http://www.equinebowen.net/

I love bareback and use it often.

Superb for kids and in combination with games they forget that they are learning and just have fun. Nothing better for balance, for learning to be at one with the horse, learning to feel the horse. They learn how to use the seat aids and how if you overdo them you just fall off 🙂

They learn to use the leg properly because they can feel the horse.  I tend to take long boots off, I think trainers are better for that. Lots of exercises and even the adult rider, Stella, was happy 😉

Thank you for sharing Mariana!

Would you like to join in #Barebruary training theme? If you do, email your bareback pictures to aspire@outlook.com, post them to our Facebook page or Tweet at @aspireacademy adding #barebruary hashtag with a few words about how bareback riding has helped you with your riding skills – I will publish your photos on the blog throughout February!

To read more about #Barebruary click HERE

*Please note: I don’t accept any pictures, no matter how beautiful, of riders without riding hat/helmet or of horses wearing “creative” bits/bridles suggesting violent training methods.

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