ONE YEAR ON: Foundation Programme Rider’s Progress on video

CAitlin progress

You might remember a 3 months progress tracking video I posted last year of one of my lovely young riders. Since it is now a full year from her first assessment lesson (26 April 2014) with me to today (26 April 2015) I think it’s only fair I posted a little compilation of clips from her recent training.


One of the groundwork sessions – learning to communicate with the horse from the ground and help him move in a comfortable, functional posture

VIDEO: From Assessment to One Year on in 5 min and a few seconds 😉 

From September this year I would like to slowly transition Caitlin to Development Programme and make 60% of her training horse focused and remain 40% Foundations focused to prepare her for horse ownership in near future 🙂 We have some fun training adventures planned for the spring and summer with more jumping training and flatwork to music as well as more challenging groundwork sessions.

Being only 15 years old she has plenty of time to develop her skills and I am really looking forward to seeing her progress further!

Happy Aspire Anniversary Caitlin! 🙂


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