NOT TO BE MISSED :) One coaching space on Aspire programme in London is coming up!

Hello dear Readers and Friends 🙂

A rare space on Aspire programme for non-horse owner is coming up in London (West London) with a 14.3hh all-rounder small horse!


Larry will be available from next week and will suit a teenager or a small adult who would like to join the Aspire coaching programme at Foundation or Development level (please see Aspire website for details if you are not familiar with the programmes:!riding-programmes-for-non-owners/czxg )

Days available for lessons: Tuesdays and/or Fridays (early evenings also a possibility)

Location: Northolt, West London

Great opportunity for someone who loves to train regularly and is after consistency, progress and “own horse” experience 🙂 As usual, minimum 3 months commitment required (preference will be given to a rider wanting to join in for 6 months +).

How it works: All non-horse owners on Aspire programmes share their “training horses”. You will become a sharer of Larry and your lessons will be on Tuesdays and/or Fridays. You can change between the days too or go for twice a week training. Your lessons will be private or shared with one other rider depending on lesson content and your experience.

For more details please email Wiola at


Look forward to introducing a new rider to our London team 🙂  Please share this post with anyone you think might love Aspire coaching and would like to sign up!

All the best,


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