LOGO DESIGN CONTEST/CHALLENGE – create an update for our logo!

Dear Creative People out there 🙂

I am looking to update the Academy’s logo with an image/illustration that would look awesome across various media as well as rider wear, horse wear and accessories…

Apparently this is what everybody wants but I am looking for a memorable, strong, simple yet powerful symbol to add to current logo (please see below).



Name of the logo: Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy
The industry/business type: Equestrian grassroots sports coaching/amateur sports coaching

Who are our clients aka target audience
Horse riders and owners who like to train, progress and/or compete with horse’s wellness in mind

Horse riders and owners who believe they too are athletes whatever the level and participate in this sport accordingly.

Horse riders and owners who are open minded, always wanting to learn more, always striving to be the best they can be (whatever the level/discipline/abilities)

Tagline: “For dreamers and hard workers” (not looking into adding this to the logo though)

Structure of the Academy: There are 4 main programmes – Start (colour code Green), Foundation (Colour Code Deep Red), Development (Colour Code Navy) and Performance (Colour Code Black) + Instructor Training (Colour Code Yellow).

Start is fully on the lunge and focused on seat training, Foundation is an all-round-have-fun-with-horses-whilst learning to ride training, Development is where we learn how to school the horse as our training/riding partner and Performance is where we go out and test the knowledge and skills in grassroots competitions environment.

Other info

I would like the logo to highlight the progressive, structured adventure in riding training at lower levels; to be memorable, strong, simple, suggesting quality/progress/”study in training”, easy to use on different media and products.

Nothing cheesy please 😉


If you think you have an idea for Aspire’s logo update, please email Wiola at aspire@outlook.com with the following:

  1. Your project
  2. Your fee (please read on before submitting your project)
  3. Any other questions email away 🙂

If there are few good projects submitted then I will do an open contest on here and other Aspire’s social media making sure all designers are mentioned by name/website to offer exposure of your services.

I will let readers, riders and friends to vote to see which logo is most popular. Winning logo will be chosen shortly after voting is closed. The choice stays in my hands.

The winning logo receives:

  • 1 year banner on Aspire blog and website for the creator’s services. Banner can be designed by the creator.
  • small ££ payment (details by email)
  • promotion across all Aspire’s social media channels

Help create something unique and be the part of Aspire Equestrian’s training adventures 🙂 

Thank you!


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