WANTED for sister of one of my riders to join in Aspire training sessions, training camps and to compete locally. Please contact aspire@outlook.com if you think you can help 🙂 Thank you!


**** WANTED- FULL LOAN **** 15.3-16.2 horse for full loan to be able to move yards. Mare or gelding but gelding preferred. Looking for something to do a bit of everything and to do some local competitions. Must be capable of jumping round at least 80-90cm courses. Don’t mind something that needs work but nothing silly or too quirky. I am a BHSAI so experienced, knowledgable and 5* home awaiting. Please contact me with anything suitable. Gemma


Photo above: Left – Gemma with her project pony Ted, now sold. Right: Competing locally.

A simple tool for the lower leg and the entire body 

Pain is not a life sentence.

What: lower leg stretches.
Where: on a wedge board (stack of books against a wall works), foot up against a wall, a rolled yoga mat against a wall, really anywhere with a wall..
How: place foot at an angle against stable surface, first with a straight leg lean ENTIRE body forward until you feel a stretch in your lower leg. You may get a stretch into your upper leg as well (yay fascial chains)! Hold 30seconds. Now, unlock your knee and do the same.. You should feel the stretch lower down the leg and into the ankle. Hold 30seconds. Repeat both x 3 and work into your DAILY routine at work, play, and at home.
Why: our lower legs carry us around all the time, and when we sit we shorten our connective tissue, and as a result shorten our lower leg musculature too- which will mess with how we…

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