The art of mucking out…a.k.a. Noble Outfitters Wave Fork review

We have art, science and fun elements to riding and it seems someone now managed to transfer those into a field of mucking out forks!


There is no escape from manure shovelling if you own horses or work with them but we discovered that adding a bit of colour, a bit of softness to the handle and somehow increasing the size of the fork without adding weight to it you can indeed create a tool that (quite literally) brightens up the routine task.

Retailing at £39.95 and sold by Noble Outfitters, the Wave Fork has won over all the Aspire testers.

Some are wondering if different colour variations perform equally well as the ones they tested. I doubt this is the case but I should not underestimate the power of the colour therapy. Perhaps a morning muck out is that much better with bright orange or purple resin tines, that bend but don’t break 🙂

Very easy to put together when it arrives and with 5 years guarantee, the two forks that we have been testing were used extensively for the last month and a half and are going strong!

We concluded that the Wave Fork is very much worth recommending to all fellow shovelers! 😉 



NoOut8 NoOut9 NoOut10


If you own the Noble Outfitters Wave Fork do let us know how you find it. And what colours you went for 😉

We also had some fun “developing the product further” – how about tines that light up in the dark? Or with sensors that just muck out for you?


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