Aspire Equestrian Kids Academy 2016…

When the Academy first started in May 2010, it consisted of the adult programmes and Kids & Teens programme. At the time, I worked with cooperation with a few riding schools and having tested the lessons content for about a year I realised I could quite easily merge the teens lessons with adult programmes which left Kids Academy on its own.

By early 2012 the adult and teens riders pretty much took over all the lessons slots and I made a decision to suspend the Kids lessons due to lack of suitable ponies and time to run the lessons when they were required.

Following my time away training abroad and only focusing on the Academy Intensive Training Days for a while, the regular lessons came back into existence in March 2014. To bring back the Kids Academy as well I needed someone who genuinely liked teaching children and a couple of ponies that would be suitable to learn on Academy style 😉

It took a couple of years of trial and error but as of February 2016 the Kids Academy is back and will slowly be developed further.

Meet The Kids Academy coach

Gem Kids Academy.jpg

Hey, I’m Gemma and I’ll most likely be teaching you on the Aspire Equestrian programmes if you are under the age of 13. I have worked with horses since I was 10. I started off helping out at my local riding school and then progressed to working on the yard at the weekends grooming, tacking up, mucking out etc.

 I then decided I wanted to work with horses full time and qualify as a riding instructor which led me to become an apprentice at Wellington Riding. During my time there I passed my British Horse Society (BHS) stages 1,2,3 and PTT exam. I was in charge of running the riding school for a year and then moved on to the livery yard where I was a deputy helping with the day to day duties of looking after the liveries and also providing lectures for the apprentices who were preparing to take their exams.I have always enjoyed teaching and like to watch how my riders progress and become more confident.

In 2014 I moved back to London and currently focus on freelance teaching and helping run a livery yard in Surrey.


Kids Academy 2016.jpg

As with the adult training, the Aspire Equestrian Kids Academy focuses on quality yet fun riding education for children age 7 -13, without skipping over the fundamental basic skills of a safe, sympathetic seat, good understanding of riding that is pony friendly and that gives the children all the chances to progress further if they wish to make riding their regular sport/activity.

Children join the programme by loaning one of the available ponies.

We are starting small with a few training places available so if you are a parent interested in your child joining us, please email Wiola on

Have a great day! 🙂





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